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Ralf Steinberger

Munich, Germany
Milan area, Italy

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People frequently spell my name wrong. Here is a list of ways NOT to spell the name of computational linguist and photographer Ralf Steinberger.


Besides spelling my first name Ralf as Ralph, Raif, Raffi or Raphael, people are also very inventive at finding alternative spellings for my last name, Steinberger. Depending on the languages people originally speak, examples of wrong spellings are Stienberger, Stienburger, Steinburger, Steimberger, SteimbergherSteinberg, Stienberg, Steinburg, Stienburg, Stijnberger, Stijnberg, Steinbergher, Stainberger, Stainbergher, Staimbergher, Staimberger and similar.

In our computational linguistics team, we worked for many years on automatically identifying and merging variants of names referring to the same person.

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