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Carnival of Venice (Italy)     (2020+ 2019)

People gather from around the world to dress up in this sinking canal city. Some of the visitors must spend weeks to prepare their costumes and makeup and some of the outfits are hilariously funny and imaginative. All of this creativity, colourfulness and joy has an overwhelming effect on us spectators and photographers, not to mention the backdrop of this city built in the water on top of treetrunk poles. There are no cars, many canals and bridges, uncountable palaces and museums. Venice is a place you can return to over and over.

In 2020, the event got overshadowed by the Corona-Virus. Quite a few people wore face masks. The public events on the last two days (24 and 25 February) were canceled because there have been cases of virus infection and even deaths in the Venetian area and in Lombardy. You find the photos taken in 2020 here, followed below by pictures taken in 2019.

Venice Carnival 2020

Venice Carnival 2019

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