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Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

Bilbao in one of the more industrially advanced cities in Spain. With its population of 350,000 people, it is the heart of the Basque country. Bilbao is widely known for the impressive Guggenheim museum, built in deconstructivist style by architect Frank Gehry and featuring some very large and sensational art installations. Other things to see in the city include the fantastic art museum Mueso de Bellas Artes and the modern and sleek metro system, designed by architect Norman Foster. Bilbao has a buzzing, pleasant and relaxed night life. Everybody is out, bars are full, clouds of people of all ages stand outside the bars drinking, eating and chatting. Don't miss my blog entry on the Guggenheim museum, as well as the blog post on tasty tapas and their appetising looks.

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