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Winner of the photo competition: Bavaria Unseen - Shades of Blue and White

Updated: Apr 17

I am happy to announce that I am one of three winners of the photography competition Bavaria Unseen - Shades of Blue and White. Three jurors selected a shortlist of twenty photographs for exhibition in Munich. On the day of the Vernissage, they announced the winners.

Exhibition location: Hotel Wunderlocke, München-Sendling (Munich), Germany Dates: 20.1.-30.4.2024 Vernissage and prize-ceremony 20.1.2024 Competition call:

(1) Call for the Photo Competition, (2) photo of the winner, (3) group photo of organisers and judges, (4) Visitors during the Vernissage on 21.1.2024.

Here is the winning portrait photo:

A young lady with long, black, wavy hair and a wite shirt is shown in front of a blue background. In her crossed arms, the model holds a lensball, which covers her face, but which shows an upside-down reflection of her face, giving the image a cubist touch. The twisted arms and the upside-down face remind of the Dutch painter M.C. Escher.
Escher-like portrait of a young lady. (Model Zoe Aishatu aiming to find orientation in a complex world)


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