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Photography and sculpture exhibition in Germignaga

Updated: Apr 17

Andare alla deriva in terre lontane

Fotografie da terre lontane (Thailandia)

Sculture con argilla e legname galleggiante

Mostra d'arte nella Ex-Colonia Elioterapica di Germignaga dal 18 agosto al 3 settembre 2023.

Antje Schmuck, Gabi Breitenbach & Ralf Steinberger

Drifting into foreign lands

Photography of foreign lands (Thailand)

Sculptures made of driftwood and clay

Art exhibition at the Ex-Colonia Elioterapica di Germignaga, 18.8.-3.9.2023

Antje Schmuck, Gabi Breitenbach & Ralf Steinberger

Final event (Finissage) of the exhibition "Andare alla deriva in terre lontane" in Germignaga on the Lago Maggiore in Italy. Photos by Ralf Steinberger and Gabi Breitenbach, statues by Antje Schmuck. Summer 2023

Treeless landscape at Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. Land surfaces in Northern Scotland mostly seem to be covered by grass, heather and gores. There used to be forests below the tree line (600-800m) until trees were cut to build ships, build mines and - during the industrial revolution - to make space for sheep, which were needed for wool production.

Foto di Ralf Steinberger scattata nella China Town di Bangkok.

Locandina della mostra con orario di apertura e luogo / Exhibition poster

Scarica la locandina in versione web/emaiil (220KB) o la versione stampabile in A3 (1.9MB):

Web_Email version of the poster announcing the art exhibition of Ralf Steinberger, Gabi Br
Download • 222KB

Locandina della mostra. Versione web + email (sopra), versione stampabile (sotto) Exhibition poster. Web version above, printable version below.

Higher quality print version of the poster announcing the art exhibition of Ralf Steinberg
Download • 1.91MB

Scultura di Antje Schmuck, fatta di legname galleggiante ed argilla.

Foto di Gabi Breitenbach con graffiti scattata nella città moderna di Bangkok.

Brightly lit exhibition space with windows on both sides. Ten panels show four colourful photographs each. Around thirty persons explore the exhibition.
Photography and sculpture exhibition "Drifting into foreign lands" at the Ex-Colonia Elioterapica di Germignaga

Exhibition space with four colourful photographs on either side, widening up to an even more brightly lit room with many more photos.
Entrance room to the photography and sculpture exhibition at the Ex-Colonia Elioterapica di Germignaga

A very large and wide, brightly lit exhibition room with colourful framed photos on the wall. Behind a wide, rounded passage gate, many more photos can be seen in a very long room.
Lake room at the Ex-Colonia Elioterapica di Germignaga showing the photography and sculpture exhibition

A colourful gate with many metal-framed windows
Exhibition building "Ex-Colonia Elioterapica di Germignaga" on the lakeside of the Lago Maggiore.

STAMPA ed annunci / Press articles and Announcements


Vernissage and Finissage / Opening and closing events

We would be delighted if you joined us at the Vernissage on Saturday 19.8.23 and at the Finissage on Sunday 3.9.23. Both events start at 6 PM and we shall offer you a drink.

At the Vernissage, the mayor of Germignaga, Dott. Marco Fazio, will be present. Vintage DJ Stefano Bruno will create good mood by putting on 45 RPM vinyl records.

At the Finissage, musicians Marco Conti (acoustic bass) and Thomas Rosenfeld (keyboards) will help us close the exhibition by playing wonderful live Jazz.


FOTO della Ex-Colonia / Photos of the fascinating and attractive century-old exhibition space Ex-Colonia Elioterapica di Germignaga:


Foto del Vernissage / Photos of the opening event (Vernissage)

After the introduction by Germignaga's mayor Dott. Marco Fazio, we offered snacks and Vintage DJ Stefano Bruno put on 45 RPM vinyl records.


Foto del Finissage / Photos of the closing event (Finissage) on 3.9.2023

We invited the fabulous jazz musicians Marco Conti (double bass) and Thomas Rosenfeld (keyboards) to play for the closing event. We thank our many guests for their visit and for contributing to the good mood and ambiance.


Dati, orari e luogo / Dates, Time and Location

Mostra di fotografie e di sculture col titolo: / Photography and sculpture exhibition with the title: Italiano: Andare alla deriva in terre lontane. Deutsch: Sich in ferne Welten treiben lassen.

Artisti: Antje Schmuck, Gabi Breintenbach & Ralf Steinberger

Luogo: Ex-Colonia Elioterapica di Germignaga, Via Bodmer, 21010 Germignaga (VA), Italia Dal 18.8. al 3.9.2023

Orario: Venderdì, sabato e domenica 17:00 - 20:30 Vernissage con musica DJ: Sabato 19.8.2023 alle ore 18

Finissage con musica jazz dal vivo: Domenica 3.9.2023 alle ore 18


Ringraziamenti / Acknowledgements

We are grateful to the comune di Germignaga for having given us the opportunity to exhibit at the beautiful century-old Ex-Colonia Elioterapica di Germignaga. Communication and practical arrangements with the administration have worked perfectly. We would particularly like to thank Marisa Lenardon for having brought us there and for helping us with all the practical matters, and Germignaga's mayor, Dott. Marco Fazio, for his introduction to the exhibition.

We highly value the advice of our experienced photographer friend Rudolf Hummel, who helped us select and sequence photos and who told us frankly when he did not agree with our choices.

We strongly benefited from the gallery experience of our friend Candice Gärtner, who gave us good advice on the setup and helped hands-on with the catalogue and the labels.

'Vintage DJ' Stefano Bruno created a very pleasant and attractive ambiance at the vernissage by putting on his original selection of 45 RPM vinyl records and by sensitively adapting the music to the mood of the guests.

Finally, our friends Nadia Valgiusti and Jean-Jacques Langueh from the Panetteria Panacea in Sesto Calende provided their delicious pizza and various types of yummy bread, thus adding also culinary satisfaction to the vernissage evening.

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Aug 08, 2023

There will be crocodiles? Isn't that dangerous?

Nice eye catcher photo from Bangkok, looking forward to come and 'sniff into' the exhibition,


Ralf Steinberger
Ralf Steinberger
Aug 08, 2023
Replying to

And during the opening and closing events, we plan to privide a glass of wine for motivated sniffers. ;-)

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