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Solo photo exhibition "Die Welt ist bunt"

Updated: Apr 17

As part of the Geretsrieder Kulturtage, Kulturverein Isar-Loisach (KIL) is organising the PiPaPo Festival, an annual series of events, which in 2019 included my photo exhibition "Die Welt ist bunt, und das ist gut so". The exhibition consisted of seven mini photo series showing the variety of life and culture on our globe: street portraits, people at work, religious ceremonies, painted shop fronts, means of transport, signs and ... culturally interesting toilets. The exhibition was accompanied by Designer Günter Klügl's light installations. After the vernissage, the African band Tola Sholana and Osumare Beats played at Kulturbühne Hinterhalt. The exhibition lasted until 13 December.

Location: Kleinkunstbühne Hinterhalt, Leitenstr. 40, 82538 Geretsried.

Access to the exhibition is free of charge.

Duration: 22.11. - 13.12.2019

Süddeutsche Zeitung reviewed the exhibition on 24.11.2019:

There is also an interview published in the Münchner Merkur newspaper on 21.11.2019:

Photos of the exhibition opening and of the concert with the Nigerian band Tola Sholana and Osumare Beats, who played after the vernissage at Kulturbühne Hinterhalt:

Here are a couple of photos taken during the preparation of the exhibition and of Günter Klügl's light installation:


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