• Ralf Steinberger

New Soulscape video using my photos

Spanish artist, editor and writer José-Joaquín Beeme, created a new video for his art project video series Soulscapes. In this new music movie with the title My World, he combines a series of my street portraits with the 1970s hit song 'Midnight train to Georgia', performed by the Belgian band Channel 9. Portraits, and especially eyes, are the metaphor used to travel into other people's minds and lives. The song's refrain states: "I'd rather live in his world Than live without him in mine".

View the video 'My World' on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2d1kafpG54) and leave a comment there or on this page.

A big thank you to José and to the producer Fundación del Garabato.

Berlin & Munich, Germany  &  Milan area, Italy.

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