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Photographers during 10 weeks of COVID quarantine

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

In Lombardy, Italy, COVID hit really hard during Spring 2020. Images of a procession of military vehicles in Bergamo bringing COVID-related corpses to the cemetery were shown around the globe. During six weeks, people were not allowed to leave their houses except to go shopping or for work. During an additional four weeks, walks were allowed within town limits, but without meeting others.

My photo friends and I held virtual meetings once a week to share the few pictures we took or to talk about projects we worked on. By necessity, we focused on macro-photography and artistic effects created while taking or editing photos . We also learnt to look closer at our everyday surroundings.

Vergänglichkeit / The beauty of transience.

Nine of us then wrote a joint article for the photo journal EXPOSED on how we experienced the two and a half months of COVID quarantine, showing some of the pictures we took during this lonesome period:

By Maria Luisa Paracchini, Rosana Grecchi, Wolfram Woehler, Gabi Breitenbach, Rudolf Hummel, Konstantinos Gkoumas, Daniele Ehrlich, Ralf Steinberger & Kevin Douglas. July 2020

Are you a photographer and you experienced seclusion? How did you cope with it? Did you manage to use the time creatively? I would be interested in hearing about your experiences. I produced two photo booklets during quarantine:

Ralf Steinberger, 2020 (read online or download)

Ralf Steinberger's photo booklet 'Adult Grimaces'

Adult Grimaces. Ralf Steinberger, 2020

Social distancing. A park in Lombardy just after citizens could leave their homes again, but were not yet allowed to meet others.


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