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About Water (Photography Exhibition)

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

After three months, the photography exhibition with the title "About Water" (Italian title: A proposito di Acqua) at Sirio Hotel in Dormelletto Ticino ended on 5 October 2022. Water was depicted in various shapes (lake, single drops, clouds, under-water pictures, ...) and styles (concrete, abstract, poetic).

Thunderstorm over Lugano Lake with lightnings and sheet lightnings, taken in June 2022. Long exposure.

Duration of the exhibition: 1 July - 5 October 2022.

Opening times: continuous, in the publicly accessible areas of the hotel and its Restaurant La Rotta

Location: Hotel Sirio, Corso Cavour 188, 28040 Dormelletto (NO), Piemonte, Italy

Swan spreading its wings in the early morning mist on Ticino River, Sesto Calende (VA), Italy.

Black and white photo showing a swan spreading its wings on a misty river.
Poster of the joint exhibition "About Water" at Hotel Sirio in Dormelletto, Piemonte, Italy, in summer 2022.

English keywords: photography, photographer, art, fine-art prints, Hahnemühle satin paper, joint photo exhibition, Italy, poetic pictures, water, clouds, tempest, thunderstorm, sheet lightning, swan, long exposure, #jrcfcc, JRC-FotoCineClub.

Deutsche Schlüsselwörter: Fotografie, Fotograf, Kunst, Fine-Art-Drucke, Hahnemühle satin Papier, Gemeinschaftsausstellung, Italien, poetische Bilder, Wasser, Wolken, Gewitter, Blitz und Donner, Wetterleuchten, Unwetter, Schwan, Langzeitbelichtung.

Parole chiavi in Italiano: Fotografia, fotografa, arte, stampe Fine-Art, carta Hahnemühle satin, mostra collettiva, Italia, immagini poetiche, acqua, nuvole, tempesta, fulmine, bagliori in lontananza, balenio, cigno, lunga esposizione.

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