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Cape Verde, islands 600km off the coast of Senegal

We visited Sal, which is the easternmost of the ten Cape Verdean islands. Its terrain being a desert, it was originally only populated to produce salt, hence its name 'Sal'. Currently, about 20,000 people live on the 30 km long island. Its picturesque beaches are made of fine-grained sand. The waves and the wind invite surfers and kite surfers. The main settlements are Espargos, Santa Maria and the fisher village and port Palmeira. Things to see include Shark Bay, the Blue Eye, the Pedra Lume Salt Crater, the Terra Boa mirage and Lion Mountain. The local people are extremely friendly and open.

Desert landscape at Terra Boa and outside Santa Maria.

Colourful buildings in Santa Maria.

People of Sal

Seeing an unknown man with a camera, this random group of people took only seconds to get ready for a group picture.

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Diana Graham
Diana Graham

you created the right mood with everyone!

Ralf Steinberger
Ralf Steinberger

Thank you, Diana. People were so easy-going. It was a pleasure taking their portraits. 😄

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