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Beautiful Corona Carnival in Venice

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Besides the Carnival masks, in February 2020, people wore face masks out of fear to catch the corona virus, but the costumes and impersonations were as impressive as ever and visitors and locals danced and sang together at the wild and loud parties. The elite showed off at Café Florian. Venice newbies enjoyed being shipped through the canals in gondolas or visiting Murano island to see coloured glass objects being made in front of their eyes. Cross-dressers were as usual among the most colourful personalities. Men and women with eye lashes as long as fingers enchanted the unprepared. Dogs flew in using their seasonal wings. Mexican death cult figures were seen standing with distinguished Baroque aristocracy. Japanese kimonos and festivity dresses mingled in with steam punks, sailors, super Marios and hot air balloon travelers. If you have to die of the new virus, hey!, let's enjoy the last moments!

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