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Portrait photo competition winner

Updated: Mar 18

My photo 'The attraction of the hidden' (Italian: L'attrazione del nascosto) won first prize at the photography portrait competition 'La Magia di uno Sguardo' (The Magic of a Gaze). The evaluation criteria of the two judges were: (a) fitting the theme, (b) originality, (c) composition, (d) mastering the light, (e) exposure, (f) message and meaningfulness.

Together with the other 29 short-listed images, the photograph was exhibited at Angera town hall, where the winners were announced on Saturday, 16 March:

Exhibition location: Sala Consiliare del Comune di Angera,

Ingresso da Via Cavour, 21021 Angera (VA), Italy

Dates: Saturday 16 March 2024, 15:30 - 19:00

Sunday 17 March 2024, 10:00 - 18:00.

Head shot photo portrait of an attractive young woman with long, wavy hair. Her stunning brown eyes with yellowish eyeshadow makeup look straight at you. The model's face is half hidden behind a colour-matching yellow veil, which she holds up with her hand. The background is of greenish colour.
The attraction of the hidden - L'attrazione del nascosto

black and white poster showing two halves of a man's and a woman's face, close to each other and looking at you. White text provides information on the exhibition.
Poster of the exhibition 'La Magia di uno Sguardo' (The Magic of a Gaze).

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